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Dustin Fox and Dr. Dan Zanotti

​ Daniel Zanotti,MD

Dr. Dan Zanotti in surgery

Listen to Dr. Dan Zanotti discussing hot topics during his recent radio interviews,

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Dustin Fox and Dr. Dan Zanotti

  • Kevin Love Injury3:47
  • Cavs ESPN2:48
  • Injury prevention1:00
  • PRP and Stem Cells1:00
  • Ryan Tannehill1:59
  • J.R Smith Cavalier1:56
  • Dislocated shoulder0:58
  • Elbow-UCL Injury1:00
  • High ankle sprain1:00
  • Robert Griffin III2:00
  • Corey Kluber1:57
  • Teddy Bridgwater2:00
  • Trevor Bauer1:57
  • Alex Mack1:49