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Dr. Zanotti was surprised when Brenda told him she’d moved and was still making the drive for appointments. Brenda says, “I told him, ‘I’d drive over an hour to come see you because I know you’ll do right.’”

Brenda James and her husband came to Center for Orthopedics and Dr. Dan Zanotti for many years while they lived in Avon. When they moved to Berlin Heights, however, they had no intention of switching orthopedic doctors.The most recent thing Dr. Zanotti has done right for Brenda is a knee replacement on her right knee, which she’d been struggling with for about a year.

                                             Brenda James

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Zimmer PSI Knee Replacement
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Dr. Dan Zanotti referred Bill to Dr. William Stanfield, who did a full right hip replacement on May 18 of 2015. I was really impressed with the whole process. I got there on Sunday night and they explained everything so well. I had surgery Monday morning and before I left the hospital, the physical therapist made sure I could do steps and get in and out of bed. I had to make no special accommodations when I went home. Last year I was sedentary. Now, four weeks after surgery, I am refereeing again. I can’t run yet, but I can walk really fast. And I’m doing stairs, cleaning gutters and cutting my grass.  I feel fully recovered.”
                                                                                 Bill M.

Saved Honeymoon by CFO

“When I saw Dr. Zanotti, I said, ‘I think I’ve torn the cartilage in my knee,’ He tested my leg and told me, ‘Your ACL is gone.’ He knew it immediately—and an MRI  confirmed that I’d completely torn my ACL.  A day out of surgery, the therapists were moving my leg, I shed the crutches in less than two weeks. When I talked with a couple of college buddies who’d had ACL surgery in the ‘90s, they couldn’t believe how fast I was progressing. They kept saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this’ and ‘I can’t believe you’re doing that.’ And I told them, ‘Well, the procedure has changed.’  I’ve got no patience to be sitting around.”.                                              

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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

 “The procedure went great.  I went in, they got me settled and the next thing I knew I was waking up with a new shoulder. I had pain the first day because of the shoulder brace position, but once I took the sling off, it was a miracle. By the second day, I was pain free and so happy. My recovery was practically instantaneous.  I went into therapy for only 15 days before they discharged me. They said I was doing too well to stay!”                                                                                                                                                                       Sandra M.

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ACL Reconstruction

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Zimmer PSI Knee Replacement 

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Orthopedic hardware necklace

“Dr. Zanotti definitely laid out a schedule for me, telling me exactly when I would be able to come back,” says Brad.
“Several times he talked with my dad, letting us know when I should push it and when I shouldn’t. Everything worked out. I had surgery in mid-December, was back at the end of January and got to wrestle in the state championship the first week in March,” says Brad. “I won in my senior year—I finally accomplished my goal.”                                                                                                                       Brad W.

"Just want to thank Dr. Daniel Zanotti for the wonderful job he did on my knee. I had a total knee replacement on August 22nd. Here I am just a little over 2 weeks into recovery and transferring from walker to using cane. All to the ability of this surgeon. He is one of the kindest doctors that I have ever met. Makes you feel that he really cares about you. You're not just another patient to him. Thanks again Dr. Dan for a wonderful job." 

                                                                                  Barbara Roig

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Crutches to stairs in 5 days

 “Over the years, I slowly had some problems with swelling in the knee and the pain got to a stage where it was bothering me constantly day and night. After hearing about Dr. Dan Zanotti from some of my dental patients and the success they had, I decided to call for a consultation. I was very pleased with Dr. Zanotti and his explanation of what to expect with the surgery and also the information he gave me about rehabbing my knee and what would be required on my part to get it back into shape again. Everything he told me was right on the point and I was very pleased with the results.”                                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Dave Forthofer, DDS 

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